Hey guys! I know we’ve kinda dropped the ball this week on Wearable Wednesday. We’ve been super busy, yo! We promise to have it up this coming week though.
We also have this sweet pumpkin DIY for you!
Having traditional pumpkins around your porch and everything is fun and all, but we thought that we’d spice it up a little but and make the normal traditional pumpkins all super fancy – just like us


We started with these decorative pumpkins from Walmart (they were only $4.97) and spray painted them. I did mine white and Sara did hers hot pink. You might have to do a couple coats to get it all even.


Once you have your pumpkin colored the way that you want it, sketch out your design and put some painters tape on the edges so that you get everything all neat and tidy.
Then paint your design, or in Sara’s case, spray paint with your other color.


Peel the painters tape off and look at your beautiful creation!!!
Ta daaaa!
You can also try a lot of other designs, and just really have fun making some unique, modern, pumpkins!