That’s right guys, I finally graduated from college this past Saturday, and I now have a BFA in Photography!
I’m really excited that I’m done with my schooling for now, but I’m really sad to leave SSU.
 That place was like my second home for quite a few years now and I’m really going to miss not only spending time there, but also the amazing people that I’ve met. I’ve made a lot of really good friends during my time there and I’m not looking forward to adjusting to my days without seeing them in halls of the Verne, in classes, or just wandering around campus. 

I’ll definitely miss all of my “photo nerd” friends the most. We went through all those photo classes together, and somehow came out with our sanity intact, and established our bond as “photo nerds”. There will never be a photo class as good as us at SSU, that’s for sure! 
 There are a great group of professors in the Fine Arts department that I am going to miss as well. They’re really an amazing group of people who honestly and genuinely care about their students. I will be forever grateful for the things that they’ve taught me, and the advice that they’ve given over the years.

Man, I’m really going to miss chit chatting in the Bears Den with friends, long hours in the photo lab, and talking about sculpture butts in Art History; but I’m really looking forward to the future and am excited for whats ahead. As this door in my life closes, another one open to more opportunities, and in the words of the great Peter Pan:

“To live will be an awfully big adventure.”

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