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Hey people! Today we wanted to show you how easy and fun it can be to give a gift to someone you know and care about. We decided to adapt one of our our favorite desserts, a peanut butter trifle and delicious Coca Cola into a gift so we could share it with our friends. You can give this to anyone who deserves a special treat, and it’s something you can make for any occasion, such as a birthday, holiday gift, or just because you love them.

We really love Coca Cola too, especially Sara, she may be a contender for their #1 fan! Give her some Diet Coke and she’s happy for life!

We hunted for the REESE’S cups and Coca Cola bottles at our local Walmart. We found the bottles in every Coca Cola cooler because they have the widest selections of Coca Cola bottles, and they’re really well organized. The REESE’S cups display was also right in front so it was easy to find!  
The three people we decided to share our gift baskets with are our pastors at The Rock, Pastor Brian and Karen Adams and Andy Yeager. They’re all a big influence in our lives, and are always there whenever we’ve needed them, and they have a heart and passion for being Pastors. Sometimes they don’t always get shown the love and appreciation that they deserve, so we really wanted to do something special for them.
We also know that they love peanut butter and chocolate, so this trifle is perfect!

So now let’s get into what you need for this trifle!

Brownies (I just made brownies from a mix, but if you prefer to make them form scratch, go for it) 
Vanilla pudding mix
Peanut butter 1/2 a cup 
REESE’S cups 3, 2 packs 
Whipped topping, for topping

First thing you’ll want to do is make your brownies. We just used a brownie mix, and made them up the night before. After your brownies are done, then make the vanilla pudding according to package directions, When your pudding is done, put the peanut butter in and mix the whole thing with a electric mixer until it’s mixed thoroughly.

Once the pudding is made it’s time to assemble the trifle! We used jelly jars as our container, so that it would be easier to travel with, and it can fit in a basket. Plus it’s cute and pretty, which is what we’re all about. To get the brownies in the jars I just pressed the jar onto them so they’d be a good fit, then  I pressed the brownie down to the bottom of the jar, then put the peanut butter pudding on top.

Crush the Reese’s cups in a plastic bag and crumble them on top. Then top the whole thing off with the whipped topping and some shaved Reese’s peanut butter cup, and you’re done! See it’s super easy and quick to make!

We also included the #ShareaCoke 20oz bottles with our Pastors names on them (we decided to get Sue for Karen because that’s her middle name, and it’s a funny joke). This years Coca Cola campaign is bigger than ever. They added a thousand new names to their 20oz bottles, so it was easy to find their names. Sara even found her name 2 times spelled the right way-if she can find one so can you! We thought this would add a personal touch to the basket, and it gives them something refreshing to have with the trifle. To buy your own personalized Coca Cola bottle go HERE

Because no gift basket is complete without a card, Hannah made these printable cards which are super cute and punny. We wrote our own encouraging thoughtful words in them, to make our basket even more heartfelt.

Once we had everything together we assembled it all together in a couple baskets and threw in a extra REESE’S cup to let them know that they’re our faves and BFFs.

We love these REESE’S cups packaging because it has these fun sayings to let your friends know how awesome they are, and they even have the words on the cups themselves! This one had cool & classy on it, which Sara totally is. These REESE’S cups are exclusively sold at Walmart so be sure to stop by your local Walmart to pick up one-or a dozen!

Here is our finished basket! Isn’t it cute?! We put our Pastor’s together, since they’re married, and turned it into a couples thing. Our Pastors totally loved it! They never turn down some heartfelt chocolate & Coca Cola.

Mission accomplished!

Now we want to see how you #ShareYourSummer with your own projects and friends! Let us know some awesome sharing you guys did in the comments.
 HERE’S some inspiration for you to get some ideas!

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