Last week we talked about decorating indoors for the fall season, and gave you some adorable easy ideas to make your home fallified (yes we just made that word up). This week we’re continuing to channel our love of fall, but this time bringing it out of the house, to make this fabulous paper bag wreath. 
Wreaths and door decorations are easily one of the best ways to make your home look like its ready to embrace the season, so having something super cute is essential!
Here’s what you’ll need:
Styrofoam Wreath
Brown Spraypaint
Glue Gun/Sticks
Paper Bags
A small statement sign/wood sign
In preparation for this tutorial we had already spray painted our wreath brown. We recommend doing this the day before, because if you just leave the wreath white, it is going to be incredibly difficult to cover up every single white spot. Having it brown already makes it less noticeable and lets it all blend well.
The first thing you want to do, is cut your paper bags in half, then cut off the “fold”. The amount of strips you need will vary, so just cut as much as you think you will need, and cut more later if need be. Also, theres no need to be super exact with your cuts so don’t worry about it being perfect.
Next simply take your bag strip, and twist until you get something like this. This is what you are going to wrap around your wreath. We found that it was easiest to go ahead and twist up a bunch of these before we started gluing. It made the project go much faster.

Once your strips are twisted, put a dab of hot glue on your wreath, then press the twist onto it. You will need to hold them down for a few minutes until the glue cools and the twist stays. At this point just concentrate on getting the strips on, don’t worry about wrapping it all the way around yet.

Once you’ve got a good chunk of twists secured, continue the twist around by flipping the wreath over, and continue what you did on the front side. This will continue your twists the whole way around the wreath.

Continue until you’ve done the entire wreath. You may need to touch up a few gaps, or re-glue some pieces as you see them.

Then add your cute sign and hot glue it on! We found ours at Hobby Lobby and fell in love, but you can also find things like these at Walmart, or other craft stores. You can even use an old one, and breathe some new life into it!

Well that’s about it folks. We’re totally loving all of this fall decor we’re getting out, and loving that the weather is starting to match the season. Yay!
How much of your fall decor have you gotten out so far? Are you more of a “fall” decorator, or do you go all out for halloween first?
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