Hey guys! It’s Wearable Wednesday again on the blog, and this week I wanted to share my checkered look with you all. When we went to take these photo’s it was a super rainy day, so we decided to take advantage of the nice front entrance of our local library as a setting for these photo’s.

I decided recently that I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and really go for outfits that I wouldn’t normally pick up, or pieces of clothing I wouldn’t wear. This week I chose this Checkered Midi skirt from Torrid. Normally I never wear skirts, mostly because I get really self conscious about my lower body and my legs. So even though I love the feel, and love how other people wear skirts, I usually end up psyching myself out of actually buying them. Not this time people. I decided to go for it!
Sometimes that’s just what you have to do with your outfits. If you like it, and you like how it looks on you? Wear it. Who cares what other people think about you/your body. This is something I’m still trying to learn and act on myself.
Even though it was quite a bit out of my comfort zone, and I was concerned about what people thought of me, I ended up going for it anyway. As it turned out, I think this skirt looks fabulous on me. I love how bold and graphic it is, yet I can style it down for a classic patterned look. So many possibilities! For me it all boiled down to confidence in myself, my body, and looking fabulous no matter what people say.
Cardigan – Lane Bryant(similar)// Strawberry Fields Tank – Torrid(similar)//Checkered Midi Skirt – Torrid//Studded Mini Wedges – Torrid//Owl Necklace – Park Lane(similar)// Strawberry Earrings – Claire’s(similar)// Lemon Clutch – Cents of Style
 photo sarasig_zps970a0a54.png
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