The Morning Brew - With the BFFs #13 

Hey guys! Hello and welcome to the 13th edition of The Morning Brew – with the BFF’s! If you’re one of our email subscribers (which you totally should be!) then you know that we love sharing our weekly favorites as well as a little bit about what we’ve been up to during the week when we weren’t blogging. It’s a lot of fun for sure! Well, now we’ve decided to expand this by starting a weekly post on Monday morning’s. We’ll be sharing little bits of our weeks, rants and rambles, as well as some of the things that we’re loving. So grab a nice cup o’ Joe (or tea) and chat with us this morning. Feel free to leave a comment, and share about your past week as well. We’d love to hear what everyone’s been up to. Don’t forget about The Evening Brew Blabcast tonight at 9PM EST!

The Morning Brew - With the BFFs #13

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Here are a few of the things that we just couldn’t get enough of this week:

Sara Weekly Loves Graphic

 The Morning Brew - With the BFFs #13

Sonich Slushes – I always get slushes from Sonic more often in the summer but this week I went a little overboard. I went 4 times this week and got large slushes. *insert shocked emoji face* I always tend to get a lemon, lime, and strawberry slush, it’s so refreshing and delicious!

 The Morning Brew - With the BFFs #13
Coconut Mocha Donut Shop Coffee – I picked up a few packs of these k cups the other day in my local Kroger to try. I absolutely love it! It has a fresh coconut smell, and slight taste. It’s a really great bold coffee, perfect for the mornings!
The Morning Brew - With the BFFs #13
Venom Graphic Tee! – I’ve been raving about this new graphic tee that I got, since I ordered it. Venom is my favorite spider man villain, and I love this shirt’s design. It’s with the old school Venom character design, plus I LOVE the pink lettering. Best tee I’ve bought in a long time! You can get one of your own, here

Beyond The Blog
Here’s a look at what we were up to when we weren’t blogging!
The Morning Brew - With the BFFs #13 
Sara –
Our day lilies are blooming on the regular now. My grandma actually planted these 40 years ago and it’s crazy how they’re still full and bloom several years later. I never knew my grandma but when I pass these lilies everyday when I’m leaving I think of her.
  The Morning Brew - With the BFFs #13
Hannah – 

This week was fairly uneventful for me, but I did get to suprise my brother for his birthday. He has a nickname I kind of gave him “The Grumpy Ladybug” because my brother can be quite grumpy and generally contrary. He hates the nickname so for his birthday I decided to get him a fudge cake, and stick some lady bug candles there. I also put up a Happy Birthday ladybug banner. He actually liked it though, and was glad I thought of him. He almost has that cake devoured! lol

The Morning Brew with the BFFs #4 
The Morning Brew - With the BFFs #13
Last Monday I finally put together our new grill and made steak since I’ve been craving it like crazy. I ended up grilling steak and making Patatas bravas with steak and corn salsa. And we have both recipes here on the blog.
The Morning Brew - With the BFFs #13
I recently made some beef and noodles using a beef roast I got on sale. (yay!) I love to combine my beef and noodles with mashed potatoes, and add tomatoes on the side. I know its a little weird, but there are some foods I just like mixed up.
 The Morning Brew - With the BFFs #13
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The Morning Brew - With the BFFs #13
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The Morning Brew - With the BFFs #13
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