Wearable Wednesday: 10 Backpack & Tote Bags

Hey ladies! Since school is starting pretty much everywhere I wanted to share some of my favorite backpacks and tote bags with ya’ll. Sadly I’m not going back to school this year since I graduated this past May. But I would totally use any of these backpacks if I was going back, also if you don’t want to carry a backpack at school I found some tote bags that are perfect to have all your stuff, and books in. And I like to get them in a neutral color so it works year round and will look good with any outfit I wear. And yes I realize I have 2 black tote bags in here, I couldn’t help it, I love myself a nice big black bag. Lol  I always liked to have a fun and pretty backpack or tote with several pockets to keep everything organized. These tote bags would be perfect for the working gal too, especially if you have to carry a lot of papers along with the daily essentials like I do. My arms just breaking at the end of the day from carrying a big bag around. Lol 

**Note: A couple of these backpacks are on Zuiliy so if you want them you’ll have to act fast to get them before they’re gone! 

Have fun going back to school and good luck! 



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