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Cod is one of our favorite kinds of fish to cook. It’s very meaty, not strong flavored, and takes well to almost any seasoning. So when we got this seasons Mary’s Secret Ingredients Box, we totally wanted to take advantage of the Nuts Over Fish cashew nut topping we got to make some delicious baked cashew nut cod and asparagus.


We had never tried the Nuts Over Fish topping, or really any kind of nut topping before so were were intrigued to give it a try, along with the other goodie in our box. Mary’s Secret Ingredients is a little different than some of the other boxes in that they release theirs seasonally, so you get a box with food items and 1 kitchen tool every spring, summer, fall & winter. You can check out what we got this past summer and spring boxes. This one contained the Nuts Over Fish as well as the Super Seedz Maple Sugar & Sea Salt Pumpkin Seeds (which were AMAZING!!), Gluten Free Blueberry Pancake Mix and the Mom’s Popped Lotus Seeds. Plus our kitchen was a cool easy pour POURFECT measuring cup! The best part about Mary’s is that they like to do good with their box as well. They are a big supporter of Feed the Children, and other charities.


Like we said, the main thing we really wanted to make a recipe with was the Nuts Over Fish topping. So we prepared our cod to bake and followed the recommended instructions on the package. They were super easy to follow! Basically you just put some put topping over the fish, then pat it on with your hands so that it forms a nice crust almost. After we prepared the fillets like this we put our cod in the oven to bake on 375 degrees for about 15-20 mins or until the cod was very white and flaked apart. 

While the fish was cooking we prepared some asparagus. You can roast these in the oven, but we just just kind of sauteed them in butter and garlic and season with salt & pepper. You can cook them until they’re very soft or leave them with a little crunch. It’s totally up to you.


 We were very impressed with how the cod tasted with the cashew nut topping. Once it was cooked you could really taste the sweet flavors and the hint of spice. We would totally try this again, maybe with salmon next time – or even do pork!

If you want to learn more about Mary’s Secret Ingredients and the amazing products they bring you every season you can totally check out their site.

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* Mary’s Secret Ingredients sent us a complimentary box to use in a recipe. You’ll find a full disclosure statement here. 
Cashew Nut Cod & Asparagus