Hey everyone! We’re totally reviving The Morning Brew, but making it The Monthly Brew. Lets face it, our everyday lives are a little too boring to do a Morning Brew post every week. We were really hitting a wall. haha. So we decided to just do it every month – hence The Monthly Brew.

If you weren’t familiar with The Morning Brew when we did it a while back, we would make a post sharing some of our favorite things, and things that we’re loving; plus show you a glimpse into our day to day. We also love sharing our favorite blog posts from other bloggers around the web, so we’ll be doing that as well.

You can also check us out every week on our podcast The Evening Brew!

So pull up a chair, grab a hot mug of coffee (or tea!) and join us here on The Monthly Brew. Feel free to leave a comment, and share about your past month as well. We’d love to hear what everyone’s been up to!


1.) I decided this year to have a monthly desktop and phone background of the calendar. Since I started doing this I can just look at my phone when it’s locked to see the dates of the month. I like to change my backgrounds frequently anyways so this gives me a better excuse, lol. Candidly Keri has a lot of pretty wallpapers you can download for your desktop and phone, and she does monthly backgrounds as well. 

2.) Lately I started to drink tea more and I like to try different ones that are seasonal. I picked up this fireside vanilla spice tea and really love it! It has a warm flavor with some sweetness that’s perfect for a chilly night. Plus it’s caffeine free so I’ll drink it late in the evening to help me relax.  

3.) I’m still experimenting with soups this month. I feel like I’ll never stop as long as it’s cold. Lol I made this “pizza soup” with Italian sausage and it came out insanely good. We might have to make it for the blog soon. Lol 

4.) I always loved using planners to keep track of everything I’m doing. I’ve mentioned that I used the Law of  Attraction Planner before, and I still love this planner! It helps me to keep track of my goals for the month and weeks. And I always like to color code everything to help even more. (OCD much? Lol) If you’re looking for a new planner to help you keep track of everything I highly recommend this one! 


The Monthly Brew: January 2017 

 1.) Ever since we left the North Market in Columbus I’ve been thinking about how cool it was. Plus there was an awesome place that sold macarons in there called Pistacia Vera. Their toasted coconut macarons were TO DIE FOR. If you’re ever in the Columbus Ohio area, I HIGHLY recommend it.
2.) In our latest Degustabox we had all sorts of lovely things to eat, but one of my favorites was actually this Jones Orange & Cream Soda. I feel like every time I try cream soda I always forget how good it was – until I try it again. This stuff was awesome!
3.) Keeping with the theme of amazing places in Columbus… While we visited The German Village we stopped at Staufs Coffee place. I was really surprised how good their coffee was. I drank it all right away, which is pretty rare for me. I usually like to sip on my coffee for a while, rather than drink it quickly. This coffee was too good to just sip! I love that they’re local, and they roast their own beans. Always a plus in my book!
4.) I know I’m one of the last people on earth to just start going to IHOP, but I finally went there with my brother. I really loved their pancakes, and even better was the coffee! I loved that they had the lil thermos on the table. You all know I love a never ending flow of coffee, well they certainly give you that here.




 If you follow us on any social media platforms you would’ve already seen then we went to Columbus a few weeks ago and did some exploring. It was so much fun going  and hanging out with friends, and being in a different environment. We must look like locals too because we had a couple people stop and ask us for directions. When we had no idea where anything was already so we couldn’t help them. Lol I also failed at eating healthier this month because I ate out more in January than I have in a long time. My boyfriend and I went to an english pub in Columbus because I’ve been wanting traditional pub food since I haven’t been to the Irish pub near my old campus. It wasn’t the same but it was pretty close. Lol 

  The Monthly Brew: January 2017


As Sara said we had such a good time exploring the Columbus area with our friend Clark. It was so nice to be able to meet up with him and stuff like old times. We definitely want to do it again sometime soon! Also this month my family and I worked on updating our kitchen a little more. We’ve been slowly going through the process  and repainted our cabinets. I already think it looks SO much better! It definitely made the kitchen look brighter, which is really the best! I also have gotten a lot of time this month to hang out with my little brother, as lame as that sounds, lol. I enjoy going out and about and spending time with him … mostly! No, but really its nice to be close with your siblings, and I guess Nathan is ok. 🙂

How was your January?


Here are some of our favorite blog posts for the month of December:

 The Monthly Brew: January 2017

1.) Great Snacks for the New Year/// There’s no denying that we love snacks, and one of our favorite things about the Degustabox is all of the cool snacks you can try. 
2.) Our Kitchen Essentials // We shared some of our must have kitchen tools and gadgets!
3.) In My Happy Place // Sara shows an outfit she usually wears when its really cold outside and enjoying the snow.
4. Makeup & Beauty Holy Grail Products //Sara shares some of her favorite beauty and makeup products that she keeps coming back to.
5.) Garlic & Herb Oven Roasted Chicken// This is our tried and true way that we roast chicken. It comes out deliciously every time!

Some of our favorite posts from around the net!

Five Makeup Tips for Beginners, From a Beginner by Foxy’s Domestic Side/// This is such a great post for people who aren’t necessarily comfortable with wearing makeup or are unsure of how to embrace their makeup look. She gives such a great intro using her own story as well.

Whole30 Tuscan Spaghetti Squash by Physical Kitchness/// As we talked about on our first podcast episode, there are a lots of ways to substitute pasta for something a bit healthier. Spaghetti squash is an awesome one, an this recipe looks to die for!

How to Design Board Cover Images for The New Pinterest Boards by The Blog Dept./// If you’re a blogger you should definitely consider reading this. We made our own custom board images for our pinterest and they have helped our boards look SO much more professional. It’s really amazing what it can do for your branding. She even includes some free templates!


Some of our must have items this month, along with some great sales that are going on.

Society Plus is having their Love Leap Event going on now through 2/15! Hannah has a few skirts from there and the quality is fabulous!

Our friends over at Try the World are currently promoting a limited edition box! The Amour Box is a collab with Code Nast Traveler featuring items from the worlds most romantic destinations!

6PM is currently offering up to 70% off Sketchers shoes! You can score these for just $23.99!

Torrid is currently running their Sexy Sale with some great deals on intimates & sleepwear!

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