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who are we
 We’re Hannah & Sara! We’re two friends who decided to join forces and combine our talents to create this awesome lifestyle blog to share our ideas, thoughts, and general awesomeness with the world! We’re so excited that you decided to stop by & check us out!
 Sara is a marketing major & fancy business woman who loves all things cooking, fashion & cats. She’s the fashion & beauty expert of the group and always showing us up with her knowledge of the latest style trends.
 Hannah is a photography major who loves everything food, gardening, and comics. She’s our resident nerd expert, green thumb, & foodie who loves to talk about superheroes, and share her latest recipes.
Have a book, product, or service you would like us to review? Want top talk to us about potential business opps? Love our blog and what to tell us about it? Email us at: theperfectstormbffs@gmail.com
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